South Yorkshire Wheels2Work Testimonials

Nathan had been unemployed for over 12 months and was finding it hard to get a local job that he could travel to. However, when an adviser at Job Centre told him about South Yorkshire Wheels 2 Work he felt confident looking for jobs further afield. He applied for a job as a caretaker at a school in a rural area over 15 miles away and was offered the job.

He then got in touch with SYW2W and was assisted to determine whether he could get to the job using public transport. As the job required early starts and was in a remote area there was no viable public transport and Nathan was provided with a scooter. Nathan stated "getting the scooter was very important to me – there were just no buses that could have got me to work on time and having been out of work for over a year, I was desperate to accept the job."

Nathan is in the same job 2 years after joining the scheme and really appreciates the support he received: "as well as helping me get back into work after being unemployed, the scheme gave me independence and confidence; I was able to live life again." He had no hesitation in recommending SYW2W to others. To anyone considering joining the scheme he says “go for it, apply for a scooter – it will help you get to work on time when there are no buses available."

transport-to-work-testimonials-img2 Simon had been unemployed for nearly 12 months when he was offered a temporary opportunity to work in a warehouse. He was told about South Yorkshire Wheels 2 Work by an employment agency. He applied for a scooter and was quickly informed that he would be eligible.

Whilst he was on the scheme Simon took driving lessons and passed his test. He also passed a test to drive forklift trucks during this time - a qualification that has helped him stay in work to this day. When Simon returned his scooter he was able to travel to work in his new car. After the temporary opportunity finished Simon successfully got a job directly with the employer and is now a permanent member of staff.

Looking back on the support he received Simon stated "it was exactly what I needed at that point in time. Knowing that there was support out there to get me to work really increased my confidence."

Ryan had just finished school in Rotherham and had accepted an engineering apprenticeship when he contacted South Yorkshire Wheels 2 Work. He had been in the job for several weeks and had been catching the bus to work but it wasn't working out. The first bus arrived after his early shift and he was late on several occasions. Ryan stated "without the scooter I would have struggled to stay in the job. Having a scooter also helped me get about a lot easier and I saved a lot of time."

Ryan was loaned a 50cc scooter for 6 months and during this time he saved up to buy a van. As soon as he passed his driving test he returned his scooter and used his van to get to his work base and specific jobs for customers.

Looking back on his time on the scheme Ryan stated "the service was excellent. My scooter did break down a few times but it was always fixed or replaced very quickly. I can't think of anything that could be done to improve the scheme."

Ryan is still working at the same firm nearly 4 years later and feels he is in a good job with strong prospects for the future. He recommended the scheme to people who are struggling to get to work - "it's definitely worth giving South Yorkshire Wheels 2 Work a call, they sorted me out with a scooter really quick and it helped me out no end."